Toni Hinck Introduces Herself


Ausstellung im Heimatmuseum Geversdorf


Eine Idee für Ihren Samstagnachmittag

Am 12.05.2018 ab um 14.00Uhr wird im Heimatmuseum in Geversdorf meine Ausstellung "Alle Farben - heiter bis wolkig" eröffnet. Zu sehen ist unter anderem auch mein Bild M124K Ich 2.

Pfingstsonntag ist ebensfalls von 14-17 Uhr geöffnet

















I was born in Cuxhaven in 1963 and made the first step to publish my works in  2013. My great-aunt Tony Hinck has always been important for me. In 1929 as a single woman she decided to take her suitcase filled with courage, confidence and power to go to America. It was a journey into in uncertain future which she started with the firm belief that everything in life would make a good sense. She made me have a closer look at everything. That is impotant for painting and even more so when dealing with things we are accustomed to. Therefore I adopted her name as an artist's name and have the suitcase as a symbol for a new start and power in my logo.


I cannot imagine a life without colours. The blue of the sky, the bright yellow of a lemon, and the red of a geranium make me do what can finally be seen in my paintings which I often start without a clear intention.

I am following my intuition and let paintings come into existence the way Picasso expressed it when he said: " A painting is not imagined and dertermined before the start. While you work on it, it changes in the same way as your thoughts. And when it is done, it will continue to change according to the mood of the observer...“

That is what art is about. Art must come from the inside and touch the soul! I do not have to explain my paintings. Paintings do not need an interpretation just like the songs of birds need no interpretation. 

I don‘t want to be an artist to begin with, I just want to be happy.

Have you become curious? Then please write me.


Report of the Artexpo Winter Rome 2018 -Koffer-Kunst in Rom

Artexpo Winter Rome 2018

Koffer-Kunst Toni Hinck in Rome
On January 6, 2018 it finally started. Winter Artexpo in Rom was ceremoniously opened. The paintings were presented to the visitors by the artists. Thus the visitors could enjoy art and exchange their ideas with the artists and other guests. Art in the broader sense could be experienced as there was a piano concert with Gabriele Tosi at the beginning.
It was a piece of good luck that I had to go to Rome in order to meet the engineer and artist Armanath Viswanath from Bergisch Gladbach. At the end of March we will have a project together. We are both really looking forward to that.
This is Armanath Viswanath's webside:
We will also meet at the Artexpo New York 2018.
The exhibition in Rome will continue until January 19, 2018 and can daily be visited in Domus Romana Artgallery in Via Quattro Fontane 113 in 00184 Rome from 3 pm to 10 pm.
I want to thank Angelo Ribezzi once again for the organisation of the exhibition.